Employment and Executive Compensation

We represent and advise senior executive, management teams and highly compensated employees and in all facets of executive compensation. Often these representations involve complex compensation arrangements and issues that arise with respect to employment and partnership in various industries including, but not limited to financial services (hedge funds, investment banks, private equity etc..), technology, media, entertainment, academia, sports, pharmaceutical, automotive, advertising and many others. We strive to utilize our significant experience to advise our clients of the benefits, as well as potential risks, that go along with entering into complex employment or partnership arrangements.

These complex employment and partnership agreements often involve the following:

Bonus Arrangements

Guaranteed, Sign-On, Retention, Incentive, Profit-Sharing, Commission Based, Performance and Discretionary.

Equity and Equity-Based Compensation

Stock Options, Restricted Stock, Profits Interests, Incentive Equity, Phantom Equity, 83(b) Elections and related Change in Control Clauses.

Deferred Compensation Arrangements

Vesting and Forfeitures Issues and 409A compliance.

Restrictive Covenant Issues

Non-Competition, Non-Solicitation and Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure.

Consulting and Independent Contractor Agreements.